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Music, Dance and Arts

Whether it is singing or interpretive dance, we have something for you!  Whether you are 8 or 38 we have a place for you!  If you are an artist we even display your work.  Ask us how!



Christian Education

​We offer Biblical educational opportunities for the community two times a week.  Sundays all ages can join us at 11:00 am for life seminar which demonstrates how the Bible influences everyday life.  As well as Wednesdays at 6:00 pm where all topics are discussed and questions answered.


Intercessory Prayer/Elite Class

On Sunday mornings we have 6am prayer and immediately following we have Elite class at 7am. Elite class is another opportunity to attend Bible Study. This is a class and we only use The KJV Bible, Bible Dictionary, and Strong's Concordance. 

Prison Ministry

We join together and visit our local incarceration facilities, including the Youth Correctional Center (YCC), Wabash Maximum Security Prison, Etc.  We know that bringing the word to those whom may feel all is lost is our responsibility! Ask us how you can be apart!


Outreach/Overseas Ministry

We must go out into the highway and hedges* and compel all men...we are proud to have extension churches in Haiti, London, Africa, Jamaica and more.  We hand deliver and tithe money into Haiti consistently. We are determined to make BMI, INC a place where everyone, young and old, feel compelled and welcomed! 

*Prison Ministry, YCC, House of Bread & Peace, Nursing Home Visits, etc.



Working together to build a strategy of victory against the enemy. This is our Thursday night online Bible Study. It is from 6pm-7pm and can be found at ​

Ministries via BMI, INC...

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